Monday, August 10, 2015

Reality for Children with Disabilities

July has been a tremendous month full of activities for (Wezesha Kupaa) disability outreach ministry in Mwandege Tanzania. With a team of friends and volunteers, we managed to do disability awareness, advocacy and medical home visits. The most inspiring one was when we met Ruhaina. Two years ago when I met her she was not going to school... no school could accept her due to her brittle bone (condition), from the efforts of our ministry Ruhaina is now attending a mainstream school and with support from a special education teacher she has been able to integrate well and she is happy and comfortable with other pupils.

The most heartbreaking home visit that I did last month was when I did a random check with Ali a boy with cerebral palsy... I heard from one of the neighbors that there was a boy with disability who was hidden and badly neglected. That evening I made a point of visiting their house and what I saw was tragic. Ali was on lying on a section of bed covered with a plastic bag... his face was in direct contact with plastic bag that he could have easily choked from lack of sufficient air, he had been there the whole day without anyone to look after him. Taking a close look I realized he was severely malnourished... It took me awhile to find out where his parents were.... that's when I realized he had been neglected by both parents and he was living with his old grandmother who was struggling to raise him all by herself. I thank God because we found a children home where he was taken in. This is the reality that children with disabilities are living in. That is all for today! Keep praying with me friends.

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