Saturday, March 4, 2017

Every Life Does not Count

Life is the most precious gift ever, however, there are controversies on who has a right to live and who doesn't have a right to live.

From my personal experience of living with spina bifida, hundred of friends with spina bifida and hydrocephalus who surround me not forgetting hundreds that I am serving here in Tanzania..... we are trying to bit all odds and living just like anyone else.

Globally, there are human rights treaties that intend to protect the lives of people with disabilities, however, lives of individuals with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and down syndrome do not count, slowly the world has justified this by allowing termination of pregnancies on basis of disabilities. This has diminished the worth of people with these disabilities... In my own opinion this is like being told you are not supposed to live because you have spina bifida, hydrocephalus or down syndrome.

For this reason, I am leaving you with a food of thought..... Does every life count?

Psalms 139:14  "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made....."


Peter Njeru said...

Our commitment to Christ is evidently revealed on how we honor him in our every bit of life as we embrace his wonderful and mighty works of creation. He is the author of life and so if we love God we must show it by the love of his creation, his people, his children in which in us is the breath of life, the image and the likeness of the most high God, the invisible Elohim. To honor God means to live according to his standards and this is love for one another reflecting the value we have for life. God have mercy on us for not truly reflecting your image and likeness as you intend us to. Lead us and deeply implant in us mercy and compassion, attributes that are drawn to us from you by how you acted towards our wickedness that today we can face your thrown by the blood of the Lamb, your son Jesus Christ. That we will always value, love and embrace your mighty works of creation as we love one another. Thank you for your unfailing love and mercy to us. Amen!

Opetsi said...

Amen! Thank you Bro Peter!